A mission of the University of Bretagne Occidentale in Morocco to support the finalization of Development activities

From 4 to 7 December 2018, David Graindorge, coordinator of the ScolaMAR project at the University of Bretagne Occidentale, visited the University Mohammed V of Rabat to assist the Moroccan coordinators in finalising the accreditation application for the future Master's degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences.

The project coordinators at the universities of Rabat, Tangier, El Jadida and Kenitra validated the content of the future master's degree. The training offer will be composed of a first year common, hosted at the University Abdelmalek Essaâdi in Tangier. For the second year of the Master's degree, students will go to one of the four Moroccan universities depending on the specialization chosen.
The Master degree's project will be submitted to the accreditation of the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education by the end of 2018.

Simultameously, Riwalenn Ruault, pedagogical engineer at the European Institute for Marine Studies (UBO), went to the University Ibn Tofail in Kenitra to continue the development phase of the future SPOC/Small Private Online Course on coastal hazards, an innovative and interdisciplinary teaching module that will be offered to first year students and divided into 7 weeks of courses.

Riwalenn Ruault was able to discuss and share experiences with the technical coordinating team in charge of developing this online course. This visit was also the opportunity to start the final phase of the course construction, namely the video recording phase.

The online course called RISCOMAR will be finalized by March 2019, with the objective of being launched at the start of the future Master's degree, potentially the next academic year.


B. El Moumni, national coordinator of the project in Morocco (University Abdelmalek Essaâdi of Tangier) presenting the objectives of the online course. Capture by R. Ruault, pedagogical engineer at IUEM (University of Bretagne Occidentale)