Job-shadowing experiences for Moroccan staff

The training of the trainers of the Moroccan staff who will be involved in the teaching of the future Master ScolaMAR program is mainly carried out by the "Job-shadowing" activity within the European partner universities.
The ScolaMAR project provides for 48 staff mobilities of 2 weeks maximum from Morocco to Europe, namely 12 staff per Moroccan university.

Technical Mobility:

30 Moroccan staff will benefit from mobility opportunities to Europe to experience “job-shadowing” during 2 weeks. They will follow a professor during his lessons in which there is technical and practical training component. At the end of their mobility, each participant will write an activity and mobility report on her/his experience that will be used to develop the training modules for the Master curriculum.

Pedagogical Mobility:

18 Moroccan staff members (teachers or pedagogical engineer) will benefit from mobility opportunities to European universities. During 2-week job shadowing, they will observe, learn and work with their European partners to master a pedagogical skill or a methodology. At the end of his/her mobility, each participant will write a mobility report on her/his experience. This report should take the form of a synthesized tool-kit for innovative module that states the pre-requisites, the contents, the resources to be allocated (in time, budget, internal or external staff, materials) and issues that must be anticipated to develop such innovative pedagogical modules in a new environment.


Call for applications:

The call for applications 2017 is open from February 20th to March 20th 2017 at midnight.

To consult the mobility offers, click here. (These offers are non-exhaustive and may be subject to change or updating.)

Eligibility criteria:

 - The candidate must be a staff affiliated or employed by a Moroccan university-partner of the ScolaMAR project
 - The candidate's specialty must be in line with the training requested

The application file:

- CV (Europass format)

Download the French version here
Download the English version here

- A project of training module related to the training requested and in line with the themes of the Master program (themes displayed on the site of Moroccan universities-partners) and meeting the socio-economic needs of Morocco. Download the template of the project of training module here

- A commitment form to download here

To apply, send the application file (zipped file bearing the name of the candidate) to the following address:

Any incomplete files or received after the deadline will be refused.

The calendar:

- Date of opening of the call for applications: 20 February 2017

- Deadline for submission of applications: 20 March 2017 at midnight

The selection of candidates will be carried out by the project monitoring committee.



Reports of the mobilities : DOCUMENT AVAILABLE HERE