WP1- Preparation

WP1- Preparation

The aim of this WP is to finalize the definition of the strategic orientations of the project and to set-up the framework for its implementation. For this purpose, the Université Abdelmalek Essaadi will send surveys to all ScolaMAR partners and organize the analysis of the results. The final identification of needs and strengths within the consortium will be discussed and validated during the kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting with all the members of the consortium as well as the associates will also be the occasion to present the agreed version of the Partnership agreement.


  1. Collecting data on specific strengths of European universities related to the needs for each Moroccan university in terms of technical and pedagogical modules
  2. Collecting data from the socio-economic actors in the field of Coastal management and Blue growth to establish a portfolio of competences for matching the market needs
  3. Organizing the Kick-off meeting happening on Febraury 2d and 3d 2017 in Tangier, Morocco


  1. A report on the Moroccan universities needs in terms of technical and pedagogical modules
  2. The portfolio of comptences
  3. The Kick-off meeting

Lead organisation: Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, Tangier, Morocco