WP3- Developpement- Innovative pedagogical approaches

WP3- Developpement- Innovative pedagogical approaches

The objective of this Work Package is to conduct a deep reflection on how to implement active learning to train students taking into consideration the Moroccan characteristics in higher education. This WP is about integrating innovative pedagogical approaches developed in the different European partner-universities within the Master curriculum to improve the professional skills of students.

Two main activities are proposed to achieve the global objective of the WP. First, it will focus on advanced discovery of these innovative pedagogical approaches through Job-shadowing staff mobility. Secondly, the consortium will work on raising awareness on the importance of transferable skills a graduate student should acquire to increase her/his employability.


  1. Acquiring new pedagogical skills
    1. Organize job-shadowing mobility from Morocco to Europe
    2. Collect the ‘Active learning tool-kits’ written by each staff after her/his mobility
  2. Disseminating the innovative pedagogical approaches
    1. Analyze the mobility reports and tool-kits
    2. Identify the most adequate pedagogical training methods for the Moroccan higher education system and in answer to the portfolio of competencies
    3. Develop preliminary active learning modules with a professionalization content
    4. Experiment these modules on the current Master students in Morocco
    5. Collect and analyze the feedback of the participants
    6. Adapt the modules according to the feedback’s outcomes


  1. Pedagogical Job-shadowing mobilities: activity and mobility reports, and "Active Learning Tool-kits" will be used to develop innovative training modules for the ScolaMAR Master program.
  2. Raising awareness on transferable skills: Raising awareness on professional capacities in the field of ICZM will target trainers and students. The consortium will work on disseminating on the importance of transferable skills a graduate student should acquire to increase her/his employability and on the positive effect "Active learning" have on their development. For this, the initial portfolio of competencies will be developed and published on the ScolaMAR website and through regional network
  3. Raising awareness on active learning: Both “Active Learning tool-kits” and the Portfolio of competencies will be analyzed to become the basis for the development of innovative modules of training. The Moroccan partners will work on disseminating the importance of innovative pedagogical approach to be implemented in their university to increase employability of students. The modules developed could take the form of project’s competition, individual job interview and restitution of learned skills by reporting. Each of the 4 Moroccan universities will organize this activity in its own institution.

Lead organization: Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France