The integrative conferences

As part of the WP4-Integrative approach, the ScolaMAR project will organize two international scientific conferences bringing multidisciplinary scientists and various socio-economic actors on a specific issue to focus on the inregrative dimension within the Integrated Coastal Zones Management (IZCM). Indeed, integration occurs in and between many different levels: among disciplines, among socio-economic sectors, between land and water elements of the coastal zone, among levels of government, and between nations.

These conferences will raise awareness across a broad public, from staff to students to the importance of integrating a large diversity of point of views, data and issues related to the Moroccan implementation of its ICZM policy. The first event will be organized in Kenitra in April 2018. The topic will be “Climate change and its implication to Smart ICZM and sustainable blue growth”. The second conference will be about “Coastal risks: risks for societies’ facing environmental changes versus risks for nature under human pressure”, in April 2019 in Rabat.


Conference on Climate Change

and its implication on Integrative Coastal Zone Management and sustainable Blue Growth


 Organised from 18 to 20 April 2018 at the University Ibn Tofail in Kenitra, the first conference gathered more than 150 people (teachers, students, guests) at the opening session. The conference programme, based on the integration of scientific knowledge and expertise in coastal management, provided students with solid scientific training and a range of tools to address key environmental and socio-economic issues concerning sustainable coastal development in Morocco and Europe.

9 Moroccan speakers, 9 European speakers, 40 students from the four Moroccan universities partners of the project as well as about ten guests (Tangier-Med, Research Institute for Development, National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture, National Institute of Fisheries Research) participated in this three-days conference.

Conference programme: here
Abstracts book: here


Conference on “Coastal risks: risks for societies’

facing environmental changes versus risks for nature under human pressure”


Dates: April 23 and 24, 2019
Venue: Faculty of Science, Mohammed V Rabat University, Morocco
Organizers: Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco

Participants: 9 Moroccan speakers, 7 European speakers, members of the External Advisory Board, 40 students
External partners: ANDA, INRH, TMSA Tanger-Med, EU Delegation in Rabat, CNRST, Institut Scientifique de Rabat, Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, Royal Naval School, Moroccan Association of Geosciences.

Conference programme: here
Abstract book: here


PDF of communications :

Anfuso G. (UCA) "Response to coastal erosion: examples from Spain and Italy"

Bellucci L. (CNR-ISMAR) "Modernity and the Environment : pollution cas histories in lagoons and coastal areas"

Critto A. (UNIVE) "Assessing land use scenarios and climate change related risks in the Italian coast: an integrated approach supporting climate change adaptation"

El Khalidi K. (UCD) "Blue Growth and development"

Hamza-Chaffai A. (U.Sfax) "Effect of urban and industrial pollution on the reproduction of marine organisms"

Nunes L. (UALG) "Estimation of health risks due the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a coastal lagoon"

Nunes L. (UALG) "Integrated Management of a coastal laggon (Ria Formosa) using a quantitative DPSIR approach"

Ortega M. (U.Grenade) "Human impact on mixed sans and gravel Mediterranean deltas : insights from the Guadalfeo case study (Southern Spain)"

Pastres R. (UNIVE) "Assessing the hazard for benthic biodiversity due to aquaculture activities using an integrated carrying capacity model"

Wahbi M. (UAE) "Suivi des changements d'occupations du sol de la frange littoral de la ville de Tanger à partir des images Spot et Sentinel2"